Can I eat fresh mushrooms from my grow kit?

After you harvested your magic mushrooms, they are considered to be fresh for 3 days if you store them in the fridge. If you are planning to eat fresh mushrooms – you might need 10-20g of fresh mushrooms for a milder experience, 20-35g for a normal-full experience, and more than that if you are planning a super-strong trip. Keep in mind, that potency drops with time (contact with light/oxygen) and there could be big variations between flushes or even between different sizes of mushrooms (very big mushrooms can be lower in potency when compared to medium-sized mushrooms).

But the most common way of consuming magic mushrooms is drying them and eating them dry.

There are multiple drying techniques of magic mushrooms, but all of them aim for the same goal – completely dried magic mushrooms.



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