Can you get addicted to cannabis?

Yes. Like with every substance or behavior – you can get addicted to weed. This might seem like a contradiction to most addiction information surfacing around the web, so let’s make a couple of things clear before we determine the actual possibility of cannabis addiction.

First, we have to understand that you can get addicted to almost anything, it doesn’t even have to be a drug… You can get addicted to computer games, gambling, sugar, porn, tobacco, and almost any other behavior that you do on a repetitive basis. Habits (don’t matter good or bad) form in our brains in the same way and it can be very difficult to change them after something turned in to a real habit.

Now let’s jump into another part of this question – are we talking about cannabis addiction or cannabis abuse? If we are thinking about physiological cannabis addiction, the answer is simple – it’s almost impossible to have a severe physiological addiction to cannabis (with average THC levels in cannabis every year, it becomes easier and easier to get physical addiction – but it still doesn’t compare to some other drugs).

But, if we are talking about cannabis abuse – well, it’s not only easy to abuse cannabis but cannabis also cannabis can have some nasty long term use effects. If we base this on some up-to-date scientific research, we can say that heavy, long term cannabis users tend to have a lower life satisfaction and greater risk of addiction in general (not only to cannabis). Furthermore, longer “chronic” cannabis users also report a much greater difficulty when it comes to employment.

So to sum up – there is no such thing as a bad substance. There are just bad or good relationships we can have with those substances.



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