Can You mix THC and CBD?


Naturally found in nature, most cannabis plants had a balance between these two substances – meaning if the plant would have 10% THC, it would have a similar amount, 10% of CBD. In the past 20 years, high scale recreational cannabis growing and plant breeding (crossing) allowed us to make even more and more THC rich cannabis strains (which means a stronger “kick” for the recreational user), but at the same time, CBD levels dramatically decreased in most popular cannabis strains grown today.

Recreational cannabis strain CBD/THC averages in Europe could be ~15%THC/3%CBD when at the same time in North America it can be even ~25%THC/0.2%CBD. Most experienced cannabis users can sometimes confirm this with comments like – “With super high THC strains the high feels less natural and synthetic, instead of being taken to a chill dreamlike calm place, You just get hit with a stick and throw in to fast elevator that doesn’t stop going up”.

Moreover, the entourage effect tells us that You can expect better results when different cannabinoids are ingested together at 1/1 or a similar ratio.



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