Different ways of taking magic truffles?

The best (and the most simple way) is to just eat your magic truffles on an empty stomach (at least 3-4 hours after your last meal). It is also very important to chew them as well as you can, even though it is commonly known that they don’t taste nice for most people. But this way it will be much easier for your stomach to deal with truffles you consume, so make sure you chew them until there is nothing left to chew.

In other words, take a couple of truffles, put them in your mouth, chew as long as you possibly can – repeat the process until you finish all your desired dose. Drink plenty of water with it. Only water! Any sugary or calorie-rich drinks/food will lower or completely diminish psychoactive effects.

Some other possible ways might include making truffle tea, making capsule (mostly for microdosing), making edibles, making a lemon brew, and more. But we can’t advise any of these for beginners, because all these methods make it more difficult to measure the intake, and some of them are even known to increase the potency. That’s why – to stay safe and to be sure about the effects you can expect… Just chew and swallow, chew and swallow!



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