Do all marijuana plants have CBD?

In most cases, the vast majority of Cannabis/Hemp plants will have most of ~115 possible cannabinoids in them. The biggest difference is going to be the concentration of those cannabinoids, which means almost all strains of cannabis will have some amount of CBD in them.

In the last 20 years, the recreational cannabis industry was mainly focusing on growing THC rich cannabis, thus raising the average THC levels in most strains way up. In most cases that meant that CBD levels were going down rapidly. That’s why most of the marijuana plants now have high THC/low CBD combinations in them.

This only started to change in the last couple of years – with the rise of CBD medical trials and the overall public opinion shifting towards the health benefits of cannabis. In most cases, the reason why there is a cannabis legalization wave around the world has everything to do with CBD properties and nothing to do with THC recreational use. Unfortunately, after most legalizations pass – this has a bigger impact of THC rich recreational cannabis growing-selling, than on CBD industry improvements and growth.

Before that, in nature, most cannabis strains were more balanced – with almost equal CBD and THC levels.



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