Do I need a trip sitter for my trip?

If it’s your first trip – its common to think that having a trip sitter can make you feel more comfortable during the trip. And it’s true – this could help you to calm down if you start freaking out or don’t like the experience. But trip sitters are a more common thing for very intense psychedelic experiences, other known as “hero doses” that usually exceed 25-40 grams of magic truffles (or more than 3-4 grams of dried magic mushrooms) during which the user might lose complete touch with reality. In those cases, we completely support the idea of a trip sitter.

But the real question here should be – how much do I trust the trip sitter?

Subconsciously and consciously.

Because while under the influence of psychedelics, we tend to overreact and be very sensitive to everything – the trip sitter of our choice has to be the most comforting person we know and how much our trip sitter is experienced with psychedelics only comes in the second place (it is better if trip sitter understands how psychedelics work well).

That’s why your significant other, best friend or a family member could be your best choice – while strangers might be the reason behind your struggles tripping.

With all that being said, if you have a very strong mental connection with someone it’s best to take them on your first trip. Avoid strangers at all costs and only choose people that you are really really comfortable with. Even if the person has no experience with psychedelics whatsoever, the high-quality mental connection is the best thing to have on your first trip.

That’s why if you take less than 15-20grams of magic truffles (or 1.5-2.5 grams of dried magic mushrooms) – experienced psychonauts advise, just grab the closest person you have and do it together (as long as that person actually wants the experience, never force anyone to trip if they at least somewhat are not ready!).

Most likely you will be better off when both of you are tripping on the same level than someone “sober” is trying to comfort you. That’s because when we are tripping it is sometimes difficult to communicate with a person that is not under the influence of psychedelics (some trip sitters take just a micro-dose for exactly this mental reason).

We tried to provide you with both sides of this puzzle, so now it’s time to ask yourself – how would you feel most comfortable?



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