Do I want a light, medium, or strong trip?

Now, after we learned what light, medium, and strong trips are – we can draw some lines that will allow you to better understand what are the benefits and dangers of each stage.

The light trip is what you should do on your first experience. Period. Even if you want more visuals and think you handle everything well – hallucinogens are very different from all other drugs, so staying safe on the first couple of trips is your best bet. You have to learn about how you react to the new substance, furthermore starting to fast could potentially take things off rails real fast.

The medium trip is what you should experience on your second tripping attempt if light trip felt boring for you, or you think there were barely any effects. Overall, if you feel skeptical – but the first light trips of your life went fine and you felt good, we recommend reaching the medium type of experience as soon as you can. Not by rushing to medium stage, but by making sure that overall you like the intoxicated trippy feeling that magic mushrooms (or other psychedelics) give you.

Tripping at a medium level of trippiness not only will introduce you to a wider pallet of psychedelic effects, it will also start feeling like an actual tripping experience as mild trips will boost your euphoria levels and might have very minimal visual/mind effects, but they are far apart of what tripping is actually about. We recommend tripping in unique situations at least 7-10 times before considering to move towards a stronger trip.

The strong trip is where the magic happens. But it comes with a price – this is also the place where you are the most sensitive to both external and internal factors. It will also come with much stronger visuals than you experience before, but not only that – the mental state during a strong trip can feel overwhelming if you have no experience with psychedelics.

Tripping balls (common psychonaut expression for being really intoxicated) is what most experienced psychonauts are chasing during their trips but it requires to be fully immersed at the moment to enjoy it fully. Furthermore, during this time – you are as sensitive as a baby, meaning you can react and change your emotions with a blink of an eye. That’s why you needed to trip in a medium level in various environments first, to know how you react to what during your trips, and be prepared to control something that is barely controllable.



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