Do you see hallucinations while tripping?

This depends on the dosage, but in normal recreational conditions – the answer should be no. But before that, let’s discuss what hallucinations are and how they differ.

From a medical perspective, hallucinations are sensations that you think are real but actually aren’t. Examples of hallucinations can be seeing things that are not there, hearing voices or other sounds that are not real, feeling things that are not there and smelling things that are not there.

So basically – smell, vision, taste, feelings. And under the influence of psychedelics, all of these senses change. So the difference between effects that hallucinogens can have on you and actual hallucinations is – your point of view.

If you look at the surrounding objects waving, changing shapes, and breathing (visuals) and actually believe that this is actually happening right now – yes you are having a hallucination. If you see the same thing, but you realize that you are under the influence of psychedelics and embrace the fact that this is not actually happening, you just see things this way because you are intoxicated… well, you are not hallucinating, my friend.

So this makes the actual fact of either you are hallucinating or not – just a part of your cognitive behavior and beliefs. And mental health in general.

Now if you pressed on this question, you probably had a more direct question in mind – we all know the question… Do you see things that are no there while tripping? Does a green dwarf come to you and can you discuss your life with him?

The answer is no (if you haven’t taken a hero dose). Yes, while under the influence of psychoactive substances – you can look to a mirror and feel that you are a cat (just an example). Yes, you can look to an object like a rock and think that it looks like a tiger (just an example). But you will still see a rock and somewhere deep back in your head – it is clear to you that you are looking at a rock, just somehow you are perceiving it differently.



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