Does magic mushrooms and magic truffles have the same effects?

Short answer – yes, definitely. Magic mushrooms and magic truffles contain the same psychoactive ingredients (psilocin and psilocybin), so consuming those psychoactive ingredients in the same dose (measured by the dose of the psychoactive ingredients, not the weight of mushroom/truffle), will induce the same effects.

The only difference is the dosage and the way magic mushrooms and magic truffles are usually grown/sold. Most commonly magic mushrooms are sold dried, while truffles are sold fresh (thus, still contains extra weight as humidity). By that analogy, you can approximate that 1 gram of dried mushrooms would be equal to 8-10 grams of fresh truffles. This is in no way a completely accurate measure as everything is way much more complex than that (potency, quality, age etc.), but it works in most cases while keeping you on the right track.

So to summarize – if you are planning to have the same experience as you would have from taking ~2 grams of dried magic mushrooms, you have to consume ~20 grams of magic truffles to have similar strength effects.



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