How long can I store my magic mushroom grow kit before using it?

When purchased in a physical store (not online!), magic mushroom growkits are being stored in the fridge, thus slowing the activity of the mycelium that is inside the growkit. If not removed from the fridge or transported fast, in the fridge growing kit can stay healthy for a couple of months.

But if you purchased your magic mushroom grow kit from Smartific online – this grow kit will spend days outside of the fridge and depending on the season will be slowly activating itself. That means, when you receive your magic mushroom grow kit that you ordered online – the activation process will be already started.

This is why we recommend using your magic mushroom grow kits as soon as you receive them. In theory, you could place them in the fridge and keep them there for some time – but the more time passes after the grow kit has been developed by us, the higher the risk of contamination. Try to be sensible on this matter, by understanding all the psilocybe magic mushroom growing kits we ship are filled with life – mycelium. And this mycelium, like any other life form, has conditions that affect it (low temperature slows down the growth, humidity feeds it, etc.) – you can be sensible and take care of your grow kit, by keeping it cold for some time after it has arrived.

But again, for best results – the best way is to activate the grow kit as soon as you receive it. The process of activation is usually already started due to the conditions of travel (on varying degrees) and stopping it again could affect the health of mycelium that can be found inside the grow kit (white “fluffy stuff).



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