How sterile you have to be to grow magic mushrooms?

This depends on the size of your operation and the funds you have. To answer this question in the best possible manner, you have to understand how sensitive magic mushrooms actually are during different periods of magic mushroom cultivation.

Magic mushrooms are most sensitive during the inoculation process. This means you have to be extremely careful and go into a complete sterilization craze if you are planning to make your own substrate, use spore syringes, and make spore syringes by yourself. At this part of the growing process, you can’t be too sterile and sterility is the main factor that will either make or break your whole mushroom growing game.

When you are dealing with already colonized magic mushroom substrate (magic mushroom growing kit, or mycelium-substrate “cake”) – your colony already passed the most sensitive time of their existence and contamination becomes not a major concern. With that being said, you still have to take precautions to work as sterile as possible, but there is way less risk involved.

To summarize – if you are working with actual spores, the highest level of sterilization is mandatory. If you are working with mycelium or actual fruiting bodies, you still have to work in sterile conditions, but it’s not necessary to go super crazy about it.



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