How to germinate cannabis seeds?

To germinate a cannabis seed three main factors are needed – water, air, and warmth. That’s why there are multiple ways to germinate your cannabis seeds, but here we will focus on the most commonly used one.

Take a couple of sheets of basic paper towels and soak them in distilled water, so that the towels are fully wet but they are not dripping. Place some soaked paper towels on a plate. Place your cannabis seeds on the towels and make sure seeds are at least a couple of centimeters apart from each other. Then place more soaked paper towels on top of the seeds. Then take another plate, flip it over and place it on top of the first plate (create a little dome for the seeds). This way seeds will stay in a dark place. The last step is to make sure that the temperature is around 20-30°C – seeds will germinate even in lower temperatures, but at the right temperature, this process will happen faster.

Now be patient and it should take up to several days (up to 2 weeks in the worst-case scenario) for your seeds to germinate. You can check the paper towels from time to time – if they got dry, apply a little bit more water on them.

You will know that your seed germinated when you will see a tiny white stem branching out from the seed make sure this stem is at least 2-3mm in length. After germination happened, it’s time to plant your seeds and continue to the seedling phase of the growth cycle.



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