How to know if my magic mushroom grow kit has been contaminated?

There are multiple bacteria and various contaminants that can infect a magic mushroom growing kit and the easiest way to tell if that happened is the color. Healthy mycelium has a snow-white color. This means, that if you notice any brown, green, blue, red, grey, or similar colors in your growkit before or after you activate it – this could be a sign, that you have contaminated your growkit.

The second sense that might help you when determining whether or not your magic mushroom growkit is contaminated is the smell. The smell of the growing kit or ecosystem inside usually is odorless or has a pleasant mushroom smell to it. If you sense that your grow kit smells “funny” or “bad”, most likely the grow kit has been contaminated and will die soon. The easiest way to determine this is the fact, that if this is truly the case – the smell will get worse and worse as time passes.

This means if you spot some color or smell changes in your grow kit (or inside the bag) – follow the pattern in an upcoming couple of days and if smell/color gets more and more intense with time, we do not recommend harvesting the flush and/or consuming any magic mushrooms from this grow kit.



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