How to take care of your cannabis seedlings?

The first and most important thing you have to know when taking care of your cannabis seedlings is… Please don’t overwater them. We know, all of us want to grow some nice and big buds as fast as possible, but watering cannabis plants too much is not the way to do this. Overwatering is especially dangerous in the seedling stage of the cannabis growth cycle, so make sure the pots you are using has drainage holes.

Don’t be scared to water your seedlings plenty as most overwatering problems occur not when you water them too much at once, most problems start when you water your seedlings too often. Let your soil to fully dry out before you water your seedling again.

If your seedlings are outdoors, it is smart to defend them from harsh weather conditions with domes or in any similar way (just don’t block out any sunlight). It is also important to maintain around 70% humidity (if possible) and overall average temperature should stay around 20-30°C (if possible). Also, make sure that your seedlings have enough airflow and enough light during this phase.



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