Is it normal that there are no pins in the magic mushroom growing kit after a couple of weeks?

Yes, mycelium is a part of nature – furthermore, psilocybe mushrooms can be very susceptible to various contaminants and bacteria. On average, when kept in perfect conditions magic mushroom growkits will have first magic mushrooms (pins) appearing within 2 weeks of activation.

If it takes more than 2 weeks for first pins to appear, the most plausible explanation of slow growth can be:

  • The temperature is too high or too low (perfect temperature should be around 23-24°C, temperatures below 21°C will slow down the process exponentially, temperatures above 27°C might kill the colony entirely)
  • There’s not enough humidity in the growing bag (try misting the inside walls of the bag more or making sure, that there’s plenty of water outside the plastic growing box – inside the bag)
  • Wrong light conditions (make sure grow kit is not in direct sunlight, but still has a light source)
  • The grow kit is lacking oxygen (even though the bag provided with the grow kit has special air filters, that allows airflow while minimizing the risk of contamination, opening the bag 2-3 times a day and letting some fresh air in is always a good idea)
  • Growing kit got infected with bacteria or other contaminants (general rule of thumb is that a grow kit is considered to be healthy as long as it has a snow-white color, any green, yellowish, blue, red or other color, in most cases indicates that the growkit has been contaminated and should be thrown away)
  • Other varying factors (grow kits are part of nature, and this means there could be multiple and/or more complex reasons for the slow growth)


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