Is weed a hallucinogen?

This depends on what kind of cannabis we are talking about and what we are comparing it to. From a purely medical perspective, there are four different drug types – stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, and opioids. What weed for sure isn’t – cannabis is not an opioid.

With that being said, different cannabis strains can show different levels of stimulant, hallucinogen, and depressant like effects. In some classifications that involve 7 or more different drug types – sometimes cannabis even get’s its own personal classification spot.

To understand why first we need to know what these main 3 drug categories mean:

  • Depressants – slow down brain and nervous system activity
  • Stimulants – speed up brain and nervous system activity
  • Hallucinogens – changes your perception, meaning it changes the way you see, hear, taste, smell or feel things

This means that cannabis can have effects from all 3 of these categories. But if you would need to pick one, well…

Cannabis is mostly a depressant.

This means cannabis can make you feel relaxed, calm, and less inhibited. It also means that it slowers your coordination and concentration. This means that your reactivity to the environment and overall responsiveness is slower under the influence of cannabis. Which, when you think about it, is exactly the expected effects from most Indica dominant cannabis strains.

That’s why if you are looking for more hallucinogenic effects that cannabis can offer, you should look for a Sativa dominant cannabis strain.



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