My friend is having a bad trip, what should I do?

If your friend is having a bad trip, try to comfort him and make them realize – they are under the influence of psychedelic drugs. It is normal to feel, whatever they are feeling and support that. Try to be as gentle as possible, but also give this person enough space. If they would focus and listen to what actually is happening, they would learn something very valuable about themselves.

Most bad trips end with a truly circular thought just going round and round inside your head until it becomes unavoidable – this realization just buzzes inside your head and it will be doing so… until you accept it. After you accept that thought and “let it go” – it’s like a super-fast light beam that goes through you. Everything becomes good in a split second. You go from the worst feeling person to the best feeling person in no time.

That’s why it is normal to have a bad trip, get out of it, and then do something really drastic… Break up with someone, move to another city, quit your job, start exercising, start eating healthy, start spending more time with your family, quit school and move to another program – or do something as drastic as this. Because bad trip – it’s just your subconsciousness telling you, that you are doing something really wrong. And you have to change it. Or else.

So, if someone around you is bad tripping, try to support and comfort – but realize that the answer to this is inside them. They need to let go. They need to realize something about themselves. It is personal.

With that being said, try giving them some food, comfort them, and make them calm down, maybe even try to help them fall asleep. Also, talk to them and let them talk – remind them that this is just temporary. Most importantly, if they are trying to tell you something – listen. It is difficult to listen to someone overall, it might be even more difficult to listen to someone that doesn’t make any sense, especially if you are tripping as well. But you have to help them figure that something out.

To sum up – comfort, but give space and let them deal with it by making sure that they are not putting themselves or others in danger.



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