What are cannabis edibles?

Edibles (or cannabis edibles) is a term used to describe any food that has been infused with marijuana. Like with every other way of getting high (intoxicated) with cannabis – most edibles contain high levels of THC in them.

Most popular edible type is still a brownie (known as hash brownies), but because adding THC/CBD to various food is very easy – it’s possible to turn almost any food product into an edible, that will make you high.

The main difference between smoking/vaping cannabis and eating cannabis edibles is that when ingested orally, it takes longer (0.5-1h on average) to feel the effects. Also, cannabis edibles are considered a more dangerous way of consuming cannabis because it’s more difficult to measure potency, furthermore, you can possibly consume way higher amounts of THC than you could by smoking it (you would lose consciousness if you smoked too much).



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