What are terpenes?

Terpenes are some of the essential oils found in many plants. Cannabis plants usually have more than 200 different terpenes in them. Terpenes are oils that give cannabis that unique flavor and different aromas, so terpene compositions differ from strain to strain. Furthermore, different terpenes have different beneficial effects and work in synergy with different cannabinoids (like CBD, THC and at least 115 other) – synergetic ability to work together in unique relationships are usually referred to as “The Entourage Effect”.

Cannabis terpenes are another type of chemical compound that can be found in all cannabis plants. Cannabis terpenes are what you actually smell when you notice the odor of any cannabis plant, which means they are somewhat aromatic oils that give cannabis plants it’s distinctive colors and smells.

Not only that but in combination with various cannabinoids, terpenes can promote different effects to its users. There are more than 100 different types of various cannabis terpenes, that provide different traits and profiles for various cannabis strains.



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