What are the cannabis plant trichomes?

Trichomes are tiny crystalline “mushroom” looking bumps that appear on the cannabis buds when they mature enough. They can range from transparent to milky white and then to light yellow or even orange color and will contain most of the THC that will make your plant valuable.

Trichomes have 3 stages of their development and can be characterized according to their color:

  • Clear or translucent – to early to harvest, there is almost no THC there
  • Half clear or milky – harvesting plants at this stage will have more energetic, but shorter effects
  • Amber-colored trichomes – the potency reaches a peak and starts decreasing during this period, but the more orange trichomes get the more sedative effects you can expect

So you should harvest your cannabis plant when the trichomes are between half clear and orange phase, based on the high you want to achieve. If you want more energetic high, harvest them earlier – if you want a more couch-lock stoned effect, wait till the color is very rich.



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