What are the effects of magic truffles?

Depending on the strain, dosage, your mental state, your surroundings, and many other factors – effects will be different every time you decide to take magic truffles. But a good start, when discussing what effects magic truffles can have on its user – is knowing that magic truffles amplify your state.

What does that mean?

It means that under the influence of psychedelics everything gets more intensified…

If you are happy – you are super happy! If you are sad – you are super sad!

An important point to make here – don’t get scared by this, even crying or being sad on magic truffles weirdly feels more comfortable than on a normal basis. Psychedelics have a tendency to make everything feel more natural and you take it as a part of who you are. If some emotions or feelings will start bursting out of you during your trip – that’s normal, that’s your subconsciousness explaining things to you.

Magic truffles will tell you what you need to hear, and sometimes not necessarily you want to hear it.

This is just because we are so good at lying to ourselves, but when we are under influence on psychedelics – our subconsciousness gets more in charge and some things you simply can’t hide from your subconsciousness.

With all that being said, most common effects of magic truffles are:

  • Change of perception (things feel, smell, sound, look and seems different)
  • Visuals (objects warping, moving, breathing and changing color)
  • Euphoria (bursts of laughter, happiness, joy)
  • Nonduality (feeling one with the world, love and internal peace)
  • Confusion (mind-melting, different, non-linear patterns of thinking)
  • Shivers or warm body waves (various body feelings)
  • Intoxication (overall feeling of “something taking you over”, nausea, sensitive stomach)
  • Emotional shifts (jumping from happy to sad and back to happy in a split-second)
  • Relaxation (body melting away, muscle relaxation)
  • Creativity burst (ideas running through you like a cosmic train)
  • Philosophical burst (understanding flowing through you and realizations happening all the time)
  • Feelings of wonder (that’s where the word trip comes from – you want to explore)
  • Time and space distortion (concepts like money or time doesn’t make sense)
  • Clean headedness or full headedness (all the thoughts at the same time or no thinking at all)
  • Thirstyness or hungriness (in a weirdly moderate and specific sense)
  • Reality shifts (new perspectives to the world and altered state of mind)
  • Other personal effects based on internal/external factors

Please notice, some of these effects might seem negative to you, while others might seem positive. It is more complicated than that – when you are tripping the line between good and bad disappears, making them all feel natural, part of you. That’s why experienced psychonauts always advise – don’t focus on the “negatives”, if you focus on the positive side then the trip will be positive.

You will always have the trip you want and plan to have, even if that decision has been made by you subconsciously.



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