What are the effects of microdosing?

First of all – microdosing is done with the attempt not to have any effects that we think of when we talk about when trying to explain recreationally used hallucinogenic effects. The scientific community still has a long way to go to prove any of this, but some people who microdose focus on these plausible benefits of microdosing:

  • Enhanced creativity
  • Improved/elevated mood
  • Help with depression (we don’t recommend that)
  • Help with ADHD (we don’t recommend that)
  • Help with chronic pain (we don’t recommend that)
  • Increased cognitive functions
  • Increased energy
  • Increased life satisfaction
  • Increased focus
  • Increased productivity
  • Other effects

Now, to begin with – let’s focus on the elephant in the room… When people share their microdosing practices online, not always they are talking about the same hallucinogens. Some people use LSD, some use magic truffles, some use psilocybin mushrooms and there are other hallucinogens that can be used for microdosing practices. This means, the reports are not only necessarily proven by science – furthermore, but they are also very personal.

What we have to mention here, is that if we closely study the effect list – we will notice that most of them are also present with a healthy diet and everyday exercise routine. Like with any other supplement, this could be the ground basis on which you would build your improved life. So if you are planning to experiment with microdosing, make sure you first consider starting by improving your routine.

Furthermore, most users report that microdosing provides barely any easily noticeable effects – which means journaling or another method of reflection can be necessary to reach any desired results during this practice.



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