What are the etiquette rules of smoking weed?

Cannabis culture around the world might differ, but there are some cannabis etiquette rules that most cannabis enthusiasts swear by. Most of these rules apply if you are smoking in a circle, meaning the group is bigger than 2 people.

Cannabis Rule #1 – Puff Puff Pass

This rule allows everybody in the smoke circle to get equally high and not to waste any weed. It’s as simple as it sounds – you puff it twice and pass it along. You don’t take three or four hits, you just take two. And pass it. This cannabis etiquette rule aims at a simple principle – equality.

Cannabis Rule #2 – Always Pass It To The Left, Unless…

Coming together with puff puff pass rule, after you have taken you to weed tokes – you always pass it left. It’s an old Rastafari tradition that asks everybody to pass the joint/blunt clockwise (to the left). There is one exception to his rule. We pass it to the left in times of peace. If there is war, we pass the joint/blunt counterclockwise (to the right).

Cannabis Rule #3 – Thy Who Rolls It, Lights It…

Never ask somebody who rolled the joint/blunt to light it for them. Even if the weed was your, to begin with, it is still common that the person who rolled it – will always spark it.

Cannabis Rule #4 – Share

If there’s a group hangout/session planned beforehand, it’s polite to bring some weed with you. Weed can get expensive, especially if you have to make sure multiple people get high. Don’t be a scavenger, and if you can’t bring your own weed – be thankful to those who did.

Cannabis Rule #5 – Don’t push it

Never try to hassle people to try weed, it’s polite to offer others some of those puffs you’re having, but never be pushy about it. Weed doesn’t work on everyone the same way, and if somebody refuses – it’s their choice and you should respect it.

These are the most basic rules, but there are other things you should keep in might when smoking weed with others:

  • Don’t talk with a lit joint/blunt – everybody hates that, take your hits, pass it on and then finish your story
  • Admit if you don’t know how to roll a joint – nobody likes smoking a joint that is falling apart
  • Don’t blow smoke to someone’s face – this is very rude
  • Take good care of other people tools – be very very careful with other people bongs, grinders, and other smoking tools, you never know how expensive or valuable they are
  • Take care of munchies – if you are hosting a smoke-out make sure you have plenty of drinks and food, if you have been invited to a smoke-out… don’t expect to hoard it and bring some snacks for everyone – high people tend to eat crazy amounts, so it’s everybody’s responsibility to make sure there is plenty for everyone
  • Tell others in the circle if you are sick – it’s normal to want to feel better by getting high if you are sick, but nobody wants to catch the flu from a bong/joint, so let everybody know beforehand… we are sure somebody will come up with a tiny nice personal spliff for you!
  • Throw away stems and seeds – not only finding big stems and seeds in your buds is usually a signal about the lower quality of your herb, never add them to your joints or hits… they give your crew no effects and is considered to be a low-level smoking experience
  • Be friendly and supportive – enjoy the experience and try to give people space if they ask for it, we all get high differently and in a group setting – all of the people involved are in charge of the overall comfort of others.


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