What can I expect from my first psychedelic experience?

Always start slow and keep your dose to the minimum so you learn how your body and mind react to the substance. Your first psychedelic experience has a unique feature – “the expectancy effect”. The expectancy effect means that You will have the experience You anticipated to have. So if you expect to have an amazing spiritual experience – you will have it. If you expect to spend some breathtaking time with your friends – you will have exactly that.

It might sound strange but any experienced psychonaut will tell you that’s exactly the case. Your psychedelic experience always gives you, exactly what you deserved. That’s why, regardless of what kind of experience you want to have – you always have to define clearly what kind of experience are you seeking and your mind will make sure you get exactly that.

Probably the best advice for any beginner is this – make sure everything in your life currently is already good (psychedelics can be a great way to deal with your problems, but it is recommended to use it as such only after you “learn to trip”) and choose a place and time that feels the best for you. Not a place and time that feels good, but a place and time that is perfect.



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