What changes when you trip?

It’s best to analyze your personal effects and feelings while experiencing those psychedelic effects naturally for the first time but… Overall, expect changes in your perspective, reality perception, sound, colors, vision, feelings, time, and other possible senses you might have (or might not have yet). Psilocybin and psilocin are known to make parts of your brain that usually never “talk” to each other, start “talking” to each other… That’s why in larger doses psychonauts can record states like “hearing color”, “smelling sound” or “feeling one with the universe”.

Some devoted psychonauts might even tell you that in some subtle sense, some of these newfound connections stay forever (in a sense that you stay more open-minded after the first psychedelic experience). That doesn’t mean that you will be smelling colors after your trip is over, that means that you start perceiving reality as a more complex and your creativity/field of perspective stays more open than it ever was before.



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