What does Indica mean?

When describing cannabis, term Indica is mostly used to describe the effects that smoking certain cannabis strains will produce. In a cannabis consumer culture, Indica is usually associated with body-high, stoned-like effects: deep relaxation, “couch-lock”, haziness and overall feeling of complete relaxation.

In reality, even though this term comes from a type of cannabis plant – nowadays, all cannabis plants are much more complex in their biological structure (hybrids). That’s why not all Indicas deliver on all Indica-like cannabis effects. Then talking about cannabis cultivation, term Indica usually represents a certain type of plant morphology or physical characteristics. Indicas are believed to be a bit smaller than their Sativa sisters, and Indicas have smaller, thicker leaves. Most Indicas also have shorter growing cycles.

To summarize – cannabis Indica reflects the type of perceived effects.



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