What does Ruderalis mean?

Ruderalis is the third wheel of well-known Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa predominant cannabis strain love-hate relationship. Cannabis Ruderalis is another type of cannabis plant, that is not well known for most cannabis users but plays a huge role in today’s cannabis genetics. Especially when we are talking about autoflowering cannabis strains.

Cannabis Ruderalis is a type of cannabis plant that has low THC levels (around 3%), but what it looses on expected potency – it over-delivers of the way it grows. Cannabis Ruderalis doesn’t rely on light cycles to flower (like Sativa or Indica), instead, it blooms based on its age.

This unique trait made this exclusive cannabis plant a perfect tool for one purpose – breeding. Its value for agricultural use is not only because it flowers automatically – Cannabis Ruderalis grows faster, is less needy when it comes to taking care, and is know to be more susceptible to harsher weather conditions. Even though Cannabis Ruderalis is not praised for it’s THC/CBD levels when bred with a high-quality Sativa/Indica/Hybrid – it produces a new type of easier to care, smaller and faster-growing cannabis strains.

To sum it up – Cannabis Ruderalis is a type of cannabis plant that is used to breed autoflowering cannabis strains.



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