What does Sativa mean?

When describing cannabis, term Sativa is mostly used to describe the effects that smoking certain cannabis strains will produce. In a cannabis consumer culture, Sativa is usually associated with head-high effects: energizing, creative, uplifting, and overall – more cerebral experience.

In reality, even though this term comes from a type of cannabis plant – nowadays, all cannabis plants are very complex in their structure (hybrids), furthermore biologically Sativa-like plants will not always deliver on all Sativa-like cannabis effects. When talking about cannabis cultivation, term Sativa usually represents a certain type of plant morphology or physical characteristics. Sativas usually are taller than Indicas, they also have longer and thinner leaves. In most cases, Sativas take longer to grow as their flowering phase can take as long as 100 days.

So, to summarize – cannabis Sativa should reflect on the type of expected effects.



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