What is a bad trip?

A bad trip is a term used to describe a very unpleasant tripping experience. Many experienced psychonauts will tell you – bad trips end up being the best trips of them all because you learn something very valuable during the most terrifying experience in your life. In most cases, bad trips happen when you try to hide something from yourself, and all those pushed over emotions, feelings, and thoughts come bursting out. They come bursting out because your subconsciousness takes over control – and you can lie to yourself, but you can’t lie to your subconsciousness.

Before we go any further it is important to note here, that some bad trips can happen because of unpleasant changes in the environment. External factors are easier to change, so if you start feeling like you don’t like something and it’s starting to be disturbing – change that something. If you are outside, go inside. If you are listening to music, change it, or turn it off. If you are with some people that you don’t like, just leave (yes, it is normal just to stand up and walk away – make sure you tell them you want to be alone, so nobody makes a scene about it). Usually, you know exactly what bothers you, change that and in most cases, you will immediately feel better.

That’s why it is very advisable to don’t get yourself into situations where you can’t simply leave (train, bus, concert, ship, etc.) – this is one of the best cures for any bad trip. Also, if the unsettling feelings persist – start eating sugar-filled and calory rich foods. As your blood sugar levels rise, tripping effects will start slowly diminishing and at some point will disappear at all.

Please note, even this might not help if a person is having a real psychotic episode or a mental breakdown. If that happens, this might take hours or even days to come out from this panic state and we always advise immediately calling for medical help, if the situation gets out of hand. Complete psychotic breakdowns are usually just parts of already existing mental conditions and should never happen to a healthy individual.

There is a big difference between a bad trip (unpleasant tripping experience) and a mental breakdown (psychotic episode). A bad trip can happen to anyone and it ends soon, and mental breakdown happens to those who have underlying psychotic tendencies.



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