What is a cannabis plant vegetative phase?

During the vegetative stage of any cannabis plant – the actual growth of the plant reaches its full speed. At this point, your plant is already transplanted into a big pot and both the roots and leaves are developing rapidly. If you are planning to top or train your plant – this is the time to start doing it.

Basically, in the vegetative phase, your cannabis plant will try to grow as much as it can. During the vegetative phase, you can increase your watering a little bit, and don’t forget that the bigger your plant, the bigger the roots – which means you should also water not only around the stem but more outwards as well.

During the vegetative cannabis growth phase, your plant will cherish healthy amounts of nutrients, especially nitrogen. Your cannabis plant (if it’s not autoflowering) will remain in vegetative phase as long as it receives 12 hours of light, as soon as the plan receives less than that – it will move on to the flowering phase.



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