What is a medium (normal) trip?

A medium or normal trip is a psychedelic experience that is most common for psychonauts of all experience levels. This means that the full spectrum of psychedelic effects are present and they are very clearly noticeable. This term helps us to determine the actual experience we are having and is most useful for beginners – because complete tripping rookies want to test the waters, but they shouldn’t jump all the way in and have an overwhelming experience on their first trips.

But we all love visuals, don’t we? In this case, the medium-normal trip is used to describe a tripping experience where visuals are a part of the trip enough for us to enjoy them, but other effects are not too strong so we can handle ourselves properly (even if this is your first tripping experience).

Basically – this term helps us to look for that goldilocks zone of tripping. Meaning the effects are strong enough to bring us the most joy, but they are not overwhelming and we can still feel safe if it’s our first ever experience with psychedelic substances.



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