What is a psychedelic trip?

Trip (or tripping) is the most common expression to describe a psychedelic experience had after taking a psychoactive hallucinogen (like magic truffles, magic mushrooms, salvia, LSD, LSA, DMT, ayahuasca, 2-CB, mescaline or similar psychoactive substances usually consisting of various psychoactive alkaloids). To be fully open to the concept of tripping, trip states can be also reached with various non-drug-related practices such as meditation and holotropic breathing, but in most cases, tripping refers to the state influenced by psychoactive drugs.

In other words, a trip is a unique psychedelic experience that gives you an altered state of consciousness after you consumed any psychedelic drug. Most users, while intoxicated on psychedelic substances characterize some of the effects as:

  • An elevated, enlightened state of mind (transcendence)
  • Ungrounded body and soul (ego-loss, nonduality)
  • Visuals (light and color distortions in the perceived vision)
  • Hallucinations (strengthened creativity and reality shifts, especially when eyes are closed)
  • Sharpened/altered senses (sensory distortion – everything feels different)
  • Euphoria (constant feeling of happiness, uncontrollable laughter)
  • Physical changes (increased heart rate, higher body temperature, and sweating)
  • Philosophical changes (thoughts run faster/slowlier and in altered patterns)
  • Other personal effects

Please note that different psychedelic substances can and will produce different effects, moreover, effect palette can differ based on many different factors.



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