What is a shotgun fruiting chamber (SGFC)?

Shotgun Fruiting Chamber is a DIY “set-up” for growing your own fresh magic mushrooms at home. In most cases, it’s nothing more than a clear plastic tote container, covered with plenty of holes for oxygen flow, filled with 3-10cm of wet perlite at the bottom of it.

This kind of easy rig is popular among many users and can come in different variations – some people don’t drill holes in the plastic box, to avoid heavy airflow because they believe that opening the box 2-3 times a day to mist it (humidify) is enough, others cover holes with poly-fil or similar filtering to avoid contamination, but keeping the free oxygen flow.

Another interesting practice is to spray paint the bottom of the chamber black so the light that reaches the mushrooms don’t come from the sides (even though magic mushrooms don’t do photosynthesis and theoretically don’t require any sunlight, their growing direction is correlated with the direction of the light source).

You can take your magic mushroom growing to the next level with some more advanced solutions like fan ventilation system, cycle timers, fogger/humidifier, humidity regulators, and custom lighting systems.



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