What is a strong (full) trip?

Full trip or strong psychedelic experience is a term used to describe a powerful experience where we still had some control of our mind, but not all of it. This type of tripping experience is very not advisable for any type of beginner, as losing control of your mind (in a good way) is something that requires some tripping practice to get a hold of.

During a full-on (strong) trip, not only the visuals become heavy (everything is breathing and melting around you), but also your mental space gets elevated to the extent where your subconsciousness has way more charge than you are used to. This makes this type of experience not only super visual – but also philosophical and spiritual.

If you are not an experienced user (we recommend tripping at least 2-7 times in a medium trip range before, you take the next step), this might make your ego (consciousness) fight it. This might be a natural response from your mind and the more you try to fight it, the more uncomfortable you might get. You have to allow your subconsciousness to run wild during this time and you might learn more things about yourself than you imagined you know.



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