What is a weed grinder?

Cannabis grinder, herb grinder or just simply – grinder is a special tool that is used to shred your cannabis buds into a more ready to consume form. This is being done so that your cannabis burns more evenly and it is easier to smoke it both in a joint and/or with bong-pipe.

They come in various shapes, sizes, complexities, and more. They can be electric but in most cases, simply mechanical hand-cranked metal/wood/plastic grinders is what most cannabis enthusiasts use in their daily lives.

Hand-cranked cannabis grinders are mostly segmented by how many compartments (or stages) they have (single compartment, double compartment, or triple compartment). Most 2-3 stage (compartment) grinders have a secondary function when compared with more basic single-stage grinders that don’t have a mesh screen – they can collect trichomes (also called kief) in the lowest stage of your grinder.



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