What is cannabis kief?

Kief (or keef) is sometimes called cannabis crystals, cannabis powder and it’s a concentrated cannabis trichome powder that in most cases contains much higher THC levels than actual cannabis buds you smoke (based on weight).

The best way to collect kief is to have a multi-compartment grinder that has a special screen mesh protected stage that allows only the tiniest particles of cannabis powder to accumulate over time. Continuous usage of this grinder will eventually provide you with enough kief so that you can use it.

Experienced cannabis enthusiasts have multiple uses for this THC rich cannabis dust, and most common is usually – either save it for a rainy day or use it when you want to get extremely high. Be careful if you have no experience with kief, especially if you consider yourself to be sensitive to cannabis – kief is usually a very concentrated form of cannabis, and it can have some unexpected effect especially if it has been collected from multiple different cannabis strains.



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