What is dabbing?

Dabbing is vaporizing concentrated marijuana products, mostly in the form of wax, resin, or oil. This brings you an extremely strong high and there are multiple dabbing techniques, but most of them involve heating the concentrate on the nail and then inhaling it through a water rig.

To practice this method – you have to have a special type of dab rig, some bongs can be turned in to a dabbing rig with a handy attachment. You also need a torch, because the heat needed for dabbing is way higher compared to other smoking techniques. You might also need a nail, basically titanium, quartz, or glass surface that you will heat up before you place your substance on it. And the last thing on the list is a dabber – usually a ceramic or metal tool that will allow you to place concentrate on the heated nail.

Oh, and of course – you will need resin (concentrate) that you will smoke.



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