What is ego death?

Ego death (or ego-dissolution) is a unique experience that can happen during a very strong psychedelic trip – during ego-death, one loses the complete self-identity. In other terms, you go from a self-centered perspective to… well, something completely unbiased.

Ego-dissolution is hard to explain phenomena that can happen on high doses of magic mushrooms, high doses of LSD, DMT or ayahuasca. It mostly relates to a complete out-of-body experience where your consciousness leave your body.

Our ego is the main tool of human mind that makes us feel alive and we have to thank our egos for coming so far. But it might be a good idea to allow your ego to rest and rewire from time to time.

And this experience can be as terrifying as it sounds – there is a reason why the word death is involved in this term. Furthermore, it is not an experience that can only happen while under influence of psychedelics – Buddhists call it enlightenment and believe it can be reached with meditation, Sufi Muslims call it “fana”, psychoanalysts like Carl Jung describes ego-death as “psychic death”.

Psychedelic drugs under certain amounts, just help to reach ego-death faster and… well makes it more difficult to escape from it.

Ego-death is complete transcendence beyond this world, beyond space or time, beyond self. After ego-death, there are no visions, thoughts, no sense of self – what’s left is pure awareness. As you might imagine – your ego will start fighting it as hard as it can whenever it senses this experience coming… but at this point, there are only two ways it can go – you either scream and fight it (literally scream in horror) or you just let it go. And if you decide to allow it to happen – you become everything, without a sense of self.



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