What is magic mushroom fruiting?

If we know that actual magic mushrooms we know are called “fruiting bodies”, guessing what fruiting is not that difficult. Magic mushroom fruiting is the process during which those tiny pins transform into large fruiting bodies (magic mushrooms) with wide-open caps and long stems (stipes). If you have never grown your own magic mushrooms, this time can amaze you – in perfect conditions, some mushrooms can double in size within 24 hours.

For this to happen proper amounts of oxygen are needed (when compared to the pre-pinning stage) and humidity will play a huge role in the whole magic mushroom growth cycle.

Depending on the conditions, you can expect to have your magic mushrooms to be ready for harvest after 2-5 days. Knowing the right time to harvest should not be based on time, but visual cues instead. You should harvest your magic mushrooms before biggest in the flush opens up.



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