What is mycelium?

Basically, mycelium is a network of fungal threads that works as a network for any magic mushroom colony. In perfect conditions, any spore will develop into mycelium, which will later turn in to psilocybe mushrooms (magic mushrooms will sprout from mycelium).

It’s a snow-white fluffy thread-like part of any mushroom colony – that acts just like “roots in the plant”.

To look from this perspective parts of magic mushroom colony are:

  • Spores (“seeds” of the mushroom)
  • Mycelium (“roots” of the mushroom)
  • Mushroom or fruiting body (“fruit/plant” of the mushroom that makes more spores)

One more unique factor of magic mushrooms is that under certain conditions when the mycelium is long enough under the surface it might slowly turn in to sclerotia – a compact mass of hardened fungal mycelium. Magic mushroom sclerotia are more widely known as magic truffles or philosopher stones.



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