What is the best way to smoke cannabis?

Vaping it. Probably. This notion comes from the fact that when vaping cannabis you are inhaling vapor, not smoke, thus most of the unhealthy stuff theoretically doesn’t reach your lungs. Also, when vaping cannabis you don’t add tobacco (like you do with joints or blunts to help weed burn), you also don’t inhale propane from lighters and paper-glue from the papers you used to roll it.

With all that being said, vaporizing cannabis is a really expensive investment as a decent herb vaporizer can cost you at least ~100eur/dollars and better ones can easily require at least a couple hundred to get this party going.

The second best way to some cannabis is probably a bong, also known as a water pipe. Especially if it’s an ice-water bong (meaning there is ice inside the bong, to cool your smoke down). The main principle behind a water-pipe bong is simple – filtrate and cool down the smoke with water/ice. This way you are again, smoking cannabis without added tobacco – which is better, but you are inhaling actual smoke and not everybody likes “the instant kick” that bongs give you.

The easiest and most popular method of cannabis use is smoking a joint (or blunt). This means grinding your weed with a herb grinder, mixing it with a little bit of tobacco (this helps the joint to burn better), and rolling it in a special rolling paper (blunts are usually rolled with pure cannabis because blunt itself is made from tobacco).

After we named, the most popular methods (if we consider weed pipes, to be in a similar stage as bongs, just without water filtration) – there are numerous ways you can mix’n’match these basic principles to make unique smoking experiences.

We are talking, gas-mask cannabis smoking, smoking weed true an apple, making a gravity bong, making a pipe from a soda can, using a one-hitter, rolling a cross joint, put it in a hookah or even just – hot box it. If you didn’t know what any of these means, feel free to look them up – we intentionally took all the more dangerous and bizarre ways to smoke cannabis from this little list. ?



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