What is the difference between cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica?

The main difference between Indica and Sativa is their easily observable traits, during the cannabis cultivation cycle. Sativa plants grow taller and have thinner leaves, than their sister Indica. Also, Sativas can take longer to fully mature as their flowering phase can be ~100 days, while Indicas have a 45-65 day flowering cycle.

But both of these terms are mostly used in a completely different way – to describe feelings that a certain cannabis plat can give you. Even though, most contemporary cannabis strains are actually hybrids (mix of both).

In short, Sativa-like effects focus on your head effects and Indica-like effects focus on your body-high effects. This roughly translates to some very basic use cases for both of these types of cannabis strains:

  • Creativity – Sativa
  • Relaxation – Indica
  • Thinking – Sativa
  • Chilling – Indica
  • Energy – Sativa
  • Sedation – Indica
  • High – Sativa
  • Stoned – Indica

That’s why it is considered that Sativas make for a better daytime smoking experience as they focus on your head effects and allows you to proceed with your daily life (when consumed in responsible amounts), while Indicas are considered to be your afternoon/night-time smoke for complete after-work chill.

With all this being said – cannabis works differently on different people, furthermore – all these effects come directly from cannabinoid and terpene compositions of the plant. So there’s no better way than to just try the strain of your choice, learn how it affects you, and find the best choice for you!

What is Sativa? What is Indica?


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