What is the most popular way to grow your own magic mushrooms?

The easiest ready-to-go way is without a doubt – is a magic mushroom grow kit. Magic mushroom growkits come ready-to-grow out of the box and you don’t need almost anything else to grow your own magic mushrooms at home. You just need some water (preferably sterile water – distilled or similar type of water works fine) and patience. You could also get some sterilization materials, like gloves, masks, various disinfectants, and alcohol wipes.

A second very popular way to grow your own fresh psilocybe mushrooms is a PF Tek method. This method requires minimal investment and as is a great beginner option for those that already have some growing experience with a basic growkit, but wants to take their mycologist hobby to the next level. The process itself goes something like this – prepare your substrate (rye grain or brown rice flour are the most used types of the substrate), mix it with vermiculite and water. Then divide it between the sterile glass jars (or bags or other tight sealed containers) and introduce the spores. Wait a couple of weeks for the mycelium to develop and fully colonize your substrate. Then transfer these colonized substrates (also known as “cakes”) to the prepared fruiting chamber. Make sure the conditions in the fruiting chamber match the type of magic mushrooms you are growing – this means making it humid enough, keeping the average temperature right, and making sure there is enough oxygen.

After that – mycology is an art form (a scientific art form!) of itself, so possibilities are endless.

To summarize, if this is your first time trying to grow fresh magic mushrooms at home – grow kit is the perfect way to start as it is relatively resistant to contamination because it is already colonized and ready to grow (spore inoculation into the substrate is the most sterilization requiring part of growing mushrooms). After you have some experience with taking care of the grow kits – for bigger yields and more controlled recurring growing, you should start thinking about starting with something simple as Shotgun Fruiting Chamber (SGFC) – but this will require an investment as well as some deeper knowledge on different parts of the growing process.



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