What material bongs are the best?

There are three main materials that most bongs are made from – glass, silicone, or acrylic (also ceramic and metal). All of these materials come with their pros and cons, so choosing the right for you – can be a detrimental part of your smoking experience.

To choose the right material for you, the most important factors can be price and durability.

Acrylic (plastic) bongs are the lightweight, durable, easy-to-travel with and hard to break option that is also relatively cheap. If you are not looking for a long term bong that will stay with you for the rest of your life, and just trying to see if you like bongs in general and want to go cheap – this is probably the way to go.

Glass bongs are considered to be fragile, so they are best if you just use them alone in your house or with buddies you trust. They can be a long term solution that will stay for you longer, but they are also more costly. If you are looking for a durable glass bong, there you can even find “scientific glass bongs” made from borosilicate, meaning these special glass bongs can even withstand some accidental drops.

Another quite recent player in the market is silicone – bongs made from silicone are probably of the most durable, cost-efficient option in the market today. They are also the most portable of them all – so if you are not looking for a bong that has unique smoking features and upgrades, but just a simple, not too expensive bong and not a classy one that will travel with you a lot – check some of them out!

Ceramic bongs are usually known for their unique shapes and sizes. If you are looking for the most creative design and want your bong not only help you smoke your bud, but also blend in with your room while being a conversation starter with your buddies – check out some ceramic options. Depending on their unique design, they can sometimes be difficult to clean good, and even though they can be more durable when compared to glass – they can still be easily destroyed if you drop them good.

We mentioned metal before, but it is not a common option in the market – furthermore, metal bongs have that unique taste while using them, so we would recommend getting a metal bong only if there’s something unique about the design that you love.

To sum it up –

  • Acrylic – cheapest, not high quality but perfect for beginners
  • Ceramic – interesting forms and shapes
  • Silicone – can be ugly, but most durable of them all – also easy to clean
  • Glass – high quality, worth the investment if you will take care of them
  • Metal – not common and not the best smoking experience


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