What should I do if I have a bad trip?

You should embrace it, instead of fighting it. The bad trip will end when You accept it and “let go”. It is easier said than done, but that’s the truth.

Most bad trips happen because of one of the following reasons:

  • You were not in a good setting
  • You were not prepared well enough mentally
  • You were given psychedelics without knowing it or you actually didn’t want to take them
  • Your subconsciousness has to tell you something (usually about changing your life!)
  • You mixed psychedelics with any other substances you should not have mixed it with (especially this can happen after the peak when you decide You are “not tripping anymore” and do something you should not have done)
  • Other personal factors or external stimulations

To chemically/biologically stop the trip, you should start eating sugar and calorie-rich foods.

To mentally stop the bad trip, you should do the opposite of what we usually want to do in situations like this – instead of avoiding the “problem”, try facing it and fixing it. First, try to remind yourself that you are under the influence of psychoactive substances and that this state is temporary. And this will end sooner or later.

Then try to calm yourself down and face the real reason why you are bad tripping. This might be something in your life that is bothering you, this might be something in your setting is bothering you. If the thing that is bothering you is just part of your environment (people you are with, place you are in, sound or lithing that is surrounding you or something similar) – just change that factor. Leave the place, leave the people, change lighting, change sounds – if the reason for your bad trip is really external, that will usually make you stop bad tripping as soon as that bothering detail is changed.

If the reason why you bad tripping is internal… Well, it will go away as soon as you except it. And by excepting it – it means fully agreeing to some really obvious truth that you consciously have been trying to lie to yourself about. It might be anything – your work, school, partner, life, personal goals, or anything of that nature. This state most likely occurred because you ignored some factor of yourself and tried to act like it doesn’t exist, or tried to act like it’s not a problem.

Well – your subconsciousness noticed it and the real you don’t agree with not facing your problem.

Magic truffles (or magic mushrooms) always will tell you what you need to hear, and sometimes it doesn’t mean we actually want to hear it. The bad trip will only end when you will actually hear it and you will accept it as a problem (or just as a part of who you are).

This is why all experienced psychonauts that have been true this experience will always tell you – bad trips are actually the best trips of them all because you learn something about yourself. It doesn’t feel like a “good trip” whenever you are inside this horrible bad trip experience, but it will feel like that when the bad trip is over. And it will be over.



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