What size bong should I choose?

There are multiple factors you have to think about when choosing your first bong, it can be extremely difficult to know what suits you the best with such a big selection offered in the market. Start with the size!

Size does matter, even though in some areas of life we tend to be polite and act like it doesn’t. Too small can be a problem, but too big can be an even bigger problem, when you think about it. The same truths go for bongs.

Small bongs tend to have a smaller chamber (the place where the smoke will be), so the hits you take will be ashier and hotter to inhale. With that being said, small bongs are more discrete and more portable – so if this is what you are aiming for, check some smaller bongs.

Now, bigger bongs will allow you to have a more pleasant smoking experience, it is also normal for them to have a bigger bowl (the place where you put your herb), so they are handier when you are smoking with others and overall can look cooler in your room. The only downturn, to big bongs, is that they with more smoke, comes… well higher. If you are not a heavy smoker, to big of a bong can make it difficult to hit it properly – and if you are sensitive to herbs overall, larger bong hit can sometimes be overwhelming.

So when choosing the size of the bong, especially if you have little experience with bongs – we recommend going medium. 20-35 cm bongs are in this range and they might have the best features from both worlds, which means you can be sure to get the highest level of satisfaction if you decide to get one.



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