What things do you need to grow your own magic mushrooms?

To cultivate your own magic mushrooms you will need some equipment, tools, and materials. Most basic magic mushroom growing set-up could need basics like:

  • Substrate (most used is rye grain, but other possible substrates can be coffee, straw, sand dust, coco coir or another very popular choice – brown rice flour)
  • Perlite and/or vermiculite (stores humidity, so it will make sure your substrate remains moist after the soaking – most popular choice is perlite)
  • Sanitizers and disinfectants (to sanitize the air, hands, surfaces, etc. – you have to make sure everything you use has been properly sanitized)
  • Containers or jars (where you will colonize your magic mushrooms)
  • Fruiting chamber (based on the set-up this can be prepared in various ways)
  • Spores and a syringe (what you will inoculate)
  • Other various materials you might need for a set-up of your choice


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