What types of grinders are there?

Grinders are mostly classified according to how many pieces they have – there are 2-piece, 3-piece, and 4-piece grinders that are mostly circulating in the market.

2-piece grinders are the most simple solution to grind your herbs and it does the single most important thing that a grinder has to do. Grind your herbs. Not more, not less. They can be a great solution if you are on a budget or if you smoke your buds not much more often than once a month.

3-piece grinders have an extra chamber where it… well based on the grinder composition either collects the ground herbs or collects kief. If it has a mesh, then it will collect tiny particles of weed, called kief (trichomes) that you can use later (it takes time to collect enough kief to use it, but it is concentrated form of cannabis). If there is no mesh between the grinding chamber and the bottom chamber – most likely your herb will end up in the bottom chamber after it was ground.

4-piece grinders are the most common grinder types on the market. They basically do everything that 2-piece and 3-piece grinders can do, all together. This means all the ground herbs will show up in the middle chamber and all the kief will be collected in the most bottom layer of the grinder.

So if you are choosing your perfect grinder – a 4-piece grinder is what every real smoking enthusiast deserves, especially if they smoke on a regular basis. A 2 or 3-piece grinder can be a great solution if you need a cheaper alternative or a secondary grinder that you mostly use on the go (some quality 4-piece grinders can be bulky).

Another thing to keep in mind is that grinders are also classified by the diameter. Most diameters range from around 30mm to 60mm, which doesn’t sound like a lot – but for metal, a 4-piece grinder can be a real game-changer when it comes to the size and weight.

With that being said, materials used to make grinders differ, and most likely, you will always want it to be metal. If you just look for a cheap grinder you can consider acrylic (plastic) and another option is wood, but wood grinders are the most difficult to deal with when it comes to cleaning and actually doing a good job at grinding your herbs.

To sum up – consider all these factors before choosing your perfect herb grinder:

  • Price range – how much are you willing to invest
  • How often you need it – the more you use it, the better quality you should get
  • Where you will use it – choose smaller if you carry it around and bigger if it will stay at home
  • Material – just choose metal, bro
  • Size – the diameter, weight and chamber count will determine it all
  • Design – expensive high-quality grinders tend to be more minimal in their designs, but they are extremely durable and do their job perfectly, while cheaper ones might attract your attention with unique and funky design choices


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