When should I harvest my magic mushrooms?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to when it’s the best time to harvest your magic mushrooms.

The first one, and the most reliable way of harvesting your magic mushrooms is to harvest full flush at the same time. This means, as soon as the first magic mushroom “opens-up” (the skin of the mushroom breaks and the cap opens up), you have to remove all the magic mushrooms by gently twisting them.

This is the most reliable way, because when using this tactic you minimize the times you will be touching your magic mushroom growing kit, thus making sure there the possibility of contamination remains low.

Also, there is a second good thing about this “harvest full flush” method – it is believed, that magic mushrooms lose potency as they mature, meaning for highest psilocybin (and psilocin) content the mushrooms have to somewhere in the mid growth phase. Furthermore, it is known that caps contain higher percentages of psychoactive substances, when compared to stems – more than that, in some cases fully matured, large magic mushrooms could potentially have parts of the stem that contains almost no psilocybin or psilocin at all.

The second way of harvesting magic mushrooms, as you might already have guessed is… Well, it’s harvesting only the mature enough magic mushrooms or in other terms, harvesting the flush in multiple times. Even though, this might seem like a more logical, better way to harvest magic mushrooms – this method is despised by some as it potentially higher the risk of contamination due to the fact, that you touch your growing kit more times that you have to.



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