When should I take magic truffles?

You should only take magic truffles on an empty stomach. That means you can’t eat anything before any trip for at least 3-4 hours (the longer the better).

Also, you should feel well-rested and you shouldn’t have any plans for the upcoming 24-48 hours. Even though your trip will last only 3-6 hours, you will need some time after that to rest, reflect, and enjoy yourself. Magic truffles (or magic mushrooms) will not give you a hangover, but it is normal to be emotionally (or physically) tired after the trip, to be more sensitive than usual, or even don’t feel like doing something. Magic truffles also have a tendency to make users have difficulties with fulfilling “have to do” tasks or to follow through with “your plans”. This effect can start with your trip and might stay for one day after the trip is over.

We would even suggest not only clearing your schedule for 48h but also switching your phone off. Receiving any bad news during your trip might traumatize you as you are very very susceptible to any stimulus and your senses are sharpened overall. If you decide to trip – anything can wait for tomorrow. Better be safe, than sorry.

Also, and we can’t stress this enough – clean your room. Really. While under the influence of psychedelics, we become very detail-oriented and even the smallest annoyances can change the direction of the trip. That’s why It’s a commonly known fact that you should prepare your environment to be as comfortable as possible before any trip. This includes the space you are planning to be in or the space that you might come back to after the trip. So, tidy up good – make everything feel clean and cozy.

Now – one of the most important steps… Don’t mix it with any other drugs. Or any other mind/body altering substances. You can’t feel drunk, be high, or be under influence of any other drugs before you take truffles. This is very important! Also, the same rule applies for the whole tripping day, so don’t take anything during and even after the trip. To be really safe, avoid any mind-altering substances for the next 48-72 hours after your trip.

Now the fun stuff – be ready! Have plenty of water with you, grab some healthy snacks (we tend to want natural foods during the trip, any processed food might feel “unnatural” – keep that in mind!), wear your most comfortable shoes, have plenty of clothing and be ready to take them off if it gets hot, think carefully and make sure you have anything you might need during the trip. If you are an artist, musician, writer, or just have any other interests – make sure you have your tools ready. At least grab a journal and something to write with. You might not use it, but always have it with you – this can feel very important to you during your trip.

If you are not sure about the experience – either have a trip sitter with you (we explained it more in the trip sitter section) or just let someone know that you are tripping. Just in case you need support and somebody can provide it. If you decide to do this – make sure the people you have chosen have a deep personal connection with you and are patient/caring types of beings.

And lastly, visualize the experience you are about to have. Clearly and with great detail – decide what kind of experience it will be. Decide what you want to learn or achieve. What is the main goal of this trip? You just want to giggle and have fun? That’s ok – as long as you clearly defined it and formulated that for yourself. You want to have a spiritual experience and reach the deepest parts of you? Sure, just make sure you are clear about it. Each and every trip is different, and one of the most important factors is that we can control what will happen – before it happens (to some extent), so as long as we clarify what we want inside ourselves, we get exactly what we asked for.

So, ask questions and be surprised when your subconsciousness will answer them for you!



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